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The concept of Driveline Service began in 1969 in California. The founder invented and patented the equipment that enabled us to duplicate vehicle conditions also known as dynamic rotation. This equipment has since proven to achieve better tolerances than factory’s specifications.
In 1970, the founder made the decision to manufacture equipment and sell franchises. By 1973 there were franchise in Reno, Santa Rosa, San Jose, and West Sacramento. Later that year the company was taken over by three aerospace industry engineers.
Throughout the years and the many difficulties that faced the partners and the employees as the automobile industry continuously improved and expanded their models, the company endlessly worked to resolve the new problems that were brought to them.
The Driveline Service of Atlanta location was founded in 1977 and began practicing their solutions. For years all of the company continued to search for the key to perfect the balancing of the driveshafts. The early 1980s brought an immense amount in franchise sales as well as equipment manufacturing. A considerable amount of time was spent on improving the patented equipment with the overall goal of a single machine that could straighten, weld, and balance a multi-piece driveline.
Later on the center bearing pedestal was established in by one of the engineers in the Fresno store. In 1982, when the “ShaftMaster” was brought to the industry, the original concept of building drivelines by rotating them on the universal joints had finally reached its’ time. Numerous new patents were presented based on the modifications that were later made. This is what brought the owners to sell the manufacturing side of the business and support the existing franchises with the new equipment that had been introduced.
Interestingly, by the 2000’s, Dana Spicer, the original driveline maker, adopted the ShaftMaster as the ultimate resource to repair and test drivelines of all sizes.


Hours of Operation:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM



5346 Jonesboro Rd.

Morrow, Ga.



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